Me on the Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Tallinn

Hello, my name is Tobias Boege. I’m a mathematician currently working as a postdoc in the group of Liam Solus at KTH Stockholm. Before that, I spent a year in Kaie Kubjas’s group at Aalto University and a year in the non-linear algebra group of Bernd Sturmfels at MPI-MiS Leipzig.

I have a broad interest in the fundamental laws and limits in probability, information theory and geometry. My research is focussed on conditional independence: suppose you observe some factors in a (random) experiment; how does that knowledge change the interdependence of the remaining factors? This is a question in the area of probabilistic reasoning and I am looking for the universal laws governing such reasoning tasks — and ways to prove them algebraically using computers.

The analogue to have in mind is Pappus’s theorem in plane geometry. But instead of points and collinearity, I want to discover the hidden relations of random variables in terms of stochastic independence.

The Blog section of this site is devoted to mathematics and (either research-driven or recreational) programming. And if you want to email me, here you go:

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